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SSS for Success (Simplified Social Media Solutions)
SSS for Success (Simplified Social Media Solutions) was born out of the need to stay flexibly adaptative in an ever-changing, tech-intensive economy.  After receiving an overwhelming response to the Social Media offerings provided as Small Business Survival Specialists, the name was changed to more accurately reflect what the company does. SSS for Success has mastered the art of being nimble enough to respond to the needs of small businesses, and applies this entrepreneurial mindset to non-profits, government agencies, and university departments, many of which operate like small businesses with limited staff members wearing multiple hats. The company provides: Basic Introductory Web Design through more advanced Technology and Social Media Setup, Training, and Consulting, including specialties: Blogging (Setup & Tutorials), Podcasting (Setup & Tutorials), 5-Page Template-Based Starter Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Application Consulting (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube), and Mobile Marketing.

Managing Editor of Bootstrapping Without Boots
Bootstrapping Without Boots: The Small Business Survival Guide exists to show new, existing, and aspiring entrepreneurs some of the "tools of the trade" for bootstrapping their first year of business survival on $365 or less.

Founder of the Jump Start Motor City Music Incubator [evolving]
The Jump Start Motor City Music Incubator will be a vertically integrated record company & entrepreneur center that merges the “Motown Spirit” of The Motor City (Detroit) with an initiative that creates a new generation of independent recording artists, ready to contribute to the world artistically while remaining economically solvent. The main goal of the initiative is to teach the business of making music for a living.

EASY Brand Marketing Specialists [in development]
EASY Brand Marketing Specialists promotes small business survival through EASY Sales using our specially designed EASY Brand Marketing Program.  Our EASY Brand Marketing Specialists have several years of experience in entrepreneurial business consulting, information technology, small business management & administration, and market research & evaluation. We leverage these areas of expertise to provide small business market research, web & graphic design services, and digital marketing & online branding solutions.
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Creator of The MiniMarketing Survey [in development]
The MiniMarketing Survey provides fast and easy-to-read feedback in 30 days or less (Express Service also available) by collecting and analyzing up to 100 responses with our 3-question customizable online questionnaire designed to deliver the information you need. Created to be the bridge between informal word-of-mouth feedback and big-budget market research projects, the Mini-Marketing Survey offers two scaled questions to provide quantitative feedback in two core areas you identify, and a third question in an open-ended format to allow your participants to explain their previous answers, or provide additional feedback and suggestions to you. The MiniMarketing Survey also includes the ability to capture customer information (e.g. name, email address, phone number, etc.) giving you the opportunity to learn more about your participants and how to reach out to them.
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Managing Editor of Maximizing the Net is a site currently under construction.

Managing Editor of Maximizing the Net (Deals) is a site that came about as a result of repeated requests for recommendations on various online purchases. The site finds the best deals on the Net and puts them on one easy to use website. We scour the Net for deals on computers, computer software, electronics, web hosting & web design, domain purchasing, books, and a host of other products and services that people buy on the world wide web! We use our affiliate relationships and recommendations from trusted partners, to provide you with discounted deals that save you money! We invite you to take advantage of our deals, and if you’re planning to make a purchase in the near future for something you don’t see featured on this site, please Contact the site directly and find out if they can get you a good deal. You can also sign up to receive the Maximizing The Net Deals Newsletter to stay updated on great deals offered through the site.

Managing Editor of
The Effective Complaints website was created to be the bridge between ranting online and action! offers resources for solution-oriented consumer advocacy and is intended to help frustrated consumers who simply refuse to go silently into the night! The goal of the website is to help consumers write better complaint letters and receive amicable resolutions to their issues by providing all the information needed to write an effective complaint letter, address it to the right person, and hopefully see that the issue gets resolved. The Effective Complaints Resource Blog is an up-to-date resource dedicated to the community.

KCFAME2 Consulting Services
KCFAME2 Consulting Services specializes in online information marketing, marketing research, and strategic information consultancy that equips organizations with the tools they need to survive in the 21st Century. Our vast array of services allow us to stay flexibily adaptive to our clients needs, and our areas of expertise in New Media Marketing, Social Media Monitoring, IT Consulting, Green/Clean Energy Consulting, Organizational Management & Evaluation, and Business Intelligence ensure that we deliver superior results. We also consult emerging and existing small businesses on survival techiques, in addition to offering Artist Management, Event Planning, and Educational Services within the Music Business.

The National Online Marketing Examiner for
As a transplanted Nashvillian with years of expertise with the Internet and web based technologies, Kindra channels her passion for entrepreneurship, information technology, and social media into being an excellent resource for online marketers and people looking to promote their brand on the web. Be sure to visit the National Online Marketing Examiner page, and click the “Subscribe” button to stay current on her posts, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter (@KindraCotton).
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Federal Employment Career Transition Coach
Kindra operates as a resource for federal job seekers looking to make a career transition into the Federal Workforce.  If you're looking for a federal job please fill out this brief survey, and get started on the path to your career transition.

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