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SSS for Success (Simplified Social Media Solutions Tips) Blog Small Business Branding Tips Blog RSS Feed
Dedicated to providing organizations with tips on taking advantage of the free and low-cost marketing avenues that exists on the social web.

Exclusive Multiplicity: Highlighting the Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur Exclusive Multiplicity RSS Feed
A Tale of one Entrepreneur’s rise to success through bootstrapping while wearing flip-flops.

Bootstrapping Without Boots: The Small Business Survival Blog Kindra Cotton's Blogger Blog RSS Feed
Showing small business owners how you can get what you need within the first year of your business for $365 or less.

The Effective Complaints Resource Blog & Podcast MaximizingTheNet.com Newsletter Blog RSS Feed
A podcast series dedicated to the EffectiveComplaints.com website and its community, which was designed to be the bridge between ranting online and action!