How I found more hours in the day

Until fairly recently, I was one of those über-busy folks trying to cram tons of activities into a 24 hour day and there never seemed to be enough time! Managing several businesses, completing a Certification course, and maintaining some semblance of a personal life, left me feeling as though I simply don't knock enough things off my "To Do List" on a daily basis.
About two weeks ago, I obtained a copy of Laura Vanderkam's "168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think", and though it sounds cliche: It Changed My Life! Well-written and very easy to relate to, I managed to breeze through chapters of the book because the content was so interesting. I found this book helpful from the very first chapter. Simply shifting the paradigm of time management from seven 24-hour days, to viewing the week as a 168 hour entity has helped tremendously in organizing my schedule and finding way more hours than I used to have when I tried packing everything into one day!

I quickly downloaded Laura's 168 Hours Time Log Excel spreadsheet, and attached my alleged "Type-A-ness" to it by color-coding it so that I could keep to a schedule that helps me not get so over-burdened with work-based activities that I forget "me time". You can download a copy of the re-created spreadsheet I made here:

So I've said all this to say: "168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think" is definitely the book to get for time management. It just hit store shelves today, and you can grab a copy of it for a great price from

Hope this helps.

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