Why I Have 1000 Blogs

Ok, it's not really 1000, it's more like 5 or 6, but I have been asked this question recently, and I felt it would be beneficial to answer it hear, just in case other people are curious about this too.
Moving forward, I'll be branding myself as Kindra Cotton: Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media & Technology Enthusiast, and Jill of All Trades (and Master of Two). That last part is a new edition, as I've decided to re-recycle an old catchphrase I used to use when people would say "What Do You Do?". As time progresses, it gets more and more difficult to answer that question, so I'm back to using "Jill" again. I think I do so for my own amusement more so than anything else, and it surely does crack me up! LOL.

But I digress...The interface that I use for this blog is different from say a Blogger Blog or Wordpress Blog (
both of which I have), and I wanted to test out all of the different blogging forms and see how effective and user-friendly they are, since it would stand to reason that at some point, someone will ask me to recommend one over the other, and the BEST way I can tell someone about something is having had personal experience using it.

So far, I enjoy this interface, but it wouldn't be user-friendly to a computing novice. I like it because it's fairly simple to use, but I can manipulate the code and do a bit more than what I could if I were using a free or paid account from some place like Wordpress or GoDaddy.

I've used Wordpress in the past, and it seems to be "
the standard" of blogging, and so many people love it, but something about it, simply doesn't appeal to me on a basic level. I mean, it's a good site and it's relatively easy to use, but I hate to see one particular program or company "dominate" an arena the way Wordpress does for blogging, because it doesn't necessarily mean they're the best at it, it just means they're everywhere and you have to deal with them as a result of it.

With Blogger,I was already leaning in this direction, since I have plenty of Google products right now, and the seamless integration of a blog into the Google account that I spend
THE MAJORITY of my day logged in, was just too good to pass up. I don't like how Blogger doesn't let you put links that can open in another window, and while they do have a work around that you can use by changing the HTML code, the sheer volume of links I could have in any given post makes this a cumbersome chore and it's something that I think Google specifically doesn't fix because it's tied to their profitability for advertising.

Ok, so I said all this to day, I'm playing around with blogging! This will ALWAYS be the central location for general blog information about me, since it's directly tied to my Web Portal, but I'll also work to centralize my online activities at:
Kindra Cotton's Blogger Blog and probably post duplicate content in both places, so you can either subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog, or subscribe to the RSS feed for the Blogger Blog (which I would prefer).

Hope this helps explain a few things,

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